Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 9-11 AM (special guest Nate Lund!)

1. Algernas Tradgard- Delayed
2. CPC Gangbangs- Gone Black
3. Clockcleaner- In the Shit
4. Dead C- Mighty
5. Fuckin Flyin A-Heads- Swiss Cheese Back
6. Helios Creed- Blood Red
7. LSD March- Moeru Pyramid
8. MX-80- Follow the Car
9. The Pagans- What's this Shit Called Love?
10. Peter Hamill- Imperial Zeppelin
11. Rusted Shut- Dead in the Water
12. Sun City Girls- 100 Pounds of Black Olives
13. Catatonic Youth- Control my Gun
14. Circle- Hautain Tokea
15. Fushitsusha- (PSF 3/4 disc 2, track 3)
16. Gravitar- McCoy
17. The Fall- Dice Man
18. Church Mice- Wu? (Nate's pick)
19. LA Drugs- High School (Nate's pick)
20. Rose Tattoo- TV (Nate's Pick)
21. God Bullies- (I Am Invisible?) (Nate's Pick)
22. Billy Writgh- Do Something (Nate's Pick)
23. Blind Willie MCTell- A-Z Blues (Nate's Pick)
24. Elmore James- Sun is Shining (Nate's Pick)
25. Armand Schaubroeck- I Love Me More Than You (Nate's Pick)
26. The Cows- ??? (Nate's Pick)
27. Von LMO- Cosmic Interception
28. Ennio Morricone- Ninna Nanna per Adulti

a little messy after this, as we were trying to help the next guy get his set started, but you might've heard bits of "Hi There" by Killdozer, and "Tribulations", by Kommunity FK.

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