Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 20th

Chrome Cranks- Eight Track Mind
Jimmy Castor Bunch- Troglodyte (Cave Man)
The Chickenhawks- Darksider
Peter Grudzien- Lost World
The Prats- Nothing
Cheater Slicks- ???
Boys Next Door- Big Future
Plastic People of the Universe- Toxika
The Mummies- Test Drive
Aluminum Knot Eye- ?????????????????????????????
Karate Party- Master of the Don
Todd Tamanend Clark- Brain and Spinal Column (Including Animism)
Pussy Galore- Loving Cup
Red Transistor- Not Bite
The Saints- Night in Venice
TV Ghost- The Amputee
The Fall- Carry Bag Man
Moondog- Street Scene
The Heads- Swamps of Chutney Morgan
Sonny and Linda Sharrock- Miss Dorris
Alvarius B- Gloomy June
Betty Davis- Anti Love Song
Glenn Branca- The Spectacular Commodity
Group Doueh- Eid El Arsh
Human Eye- Human Eye
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble- Toi Hibiki
The Jean Paul Sartre Experience- Flex
The Gun Club- Ghost on the Highway

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