Sunday, November 27, 2011


Om- "At Giza"
Ian Hunter- "So Excited"
Keith Fullerton Whitman- "Schnee"
The Fall- "The Man Whose Head Expanded"
The Birthday Party- "Dead Joe"
Islaja- "Sydänten Ahmija"
Chameleons (UK)- "Mad Jack"
Royal Trux- "(Have you met) Horror James?"
The Groundhogs- "Ship on the Ocean"
Fred Frith- "Daria's Regard"
Six Organs of Admittance- "Attar"
Lovesliescrushing- "Ilgesn"

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov. 5th

Charles Tyler- "Cha-Lacy's Out East"
Witchfinder General- "Witchfinder General"
Pharoah Overlord- "Journey"
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments- "Negative Guest List"
Ramones- "I'm Against It"
Antonio Carlos Jobim- "Stone Flower"
The Up- "Come On"
Ghost- "Sun is Tangging"
Pumice- "Pumice Quo"
Joseph Jarman- "Adam's Rib"

November 12th

(I'll post last week's show when I find it. It's around here somewhere...)

Guru Guru- "Baby Cake Walk"
Hammerhead- "Earth (I Won't Miss)"
Dirty Three- "Cinders"
Lazy Cowgirls- "Everything You Heard About Me is True"
Roxy Music- "In Every Dreamhome a Heartache"
Red Krayola- "Conspirators' Oath"
Loren Connors- "Departing of a Dream (part 3)"
Colleen- "Sun Against My Eyes"
Pain Teens- "Shallow Hole"
Disco Inferno- "A Crash at Every Speed"
Lee Hazlewood- "The Night Before"
Stiff Little Fingers- "Alternative Ulster"
Dwarr- "Animals"