Thursday, September 29, 2011

Playlist for 9-24

A-Frames- Experiment
The Fall- Bombast
Pink Faeries- I Wish I Was a Girl
Zolar X- Timeless
Simply Saucer- Here Come the Cyborgs Part II
The Rezillos- Destination Venus
Pere Ubu- The Modern Dance
No Trend- Without Me
Come- Bitten
Scrawl- 100 Car Pile-Up
Reigning Sound- I'll Cry
The Replacements- Shiftless When Idle
Cheater Slicks- Used Illusions
The Mummies- In and Out
The Damned- Plan 9 Channel 7
X- Your Phone's Off the Hook, But You're Not

Sunday, September 18, 2011

thx to Dustin Count for lending us Truth or Dare: a Critical Madness. Never did figure out what was critical about the madness, though.

Playlist for 9-17

Operating from memory here, there may be some mistakes

Buffy Sainte-Marie- "God Is Alive, Magic is Afoot"
Cul De Sac- "Death Kit Train"
Indian Jewelry- "Dirty Hands"
Julee Cruise- "I Remember"
LSD-March- Moeru Pyramid"
Harmonia - "Dino"
Souled American- "Mar'boro Man"
Jimmie Dale Gilmore- "Outside the Lines"
Ramases- "Life Child"
Galaxie 500- "Listen, the Snow is Falling"
Public Image, Ltd- "Careering"
Karen Dalton- "Katie Cruel"