Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 9-11 AM (special guest Nate Lund!)

1. Algernas Tradgard- Delayed
2. CPC Gangbangs- Gone Black
3. Clockcleaner- In the Shit
4. Dead C- Mighty
5. Fuckin Flyin A-Heads- Swiss Cheese Back
6. Helios Creed- Blood Red
7. LSD March- Moeru Pyramid
8. MX-80- Follow the Car
9. The Pagans- What's this Shit Called Love?
10. Peter Hamill- Imperial Zeppelin
11. Rusted Shut- Dead in the Water
12. Sun City Girls- 100 Pounds of Black Olives
13. Catatonic Youth- Control my Gun
14. Circle- Hautain Tokea
15. Fushitsusha- (PSF 3/4 disc 2, track 3)
16. Gravitar- McCoy
17. The Fall- Dice Man
18. Church Mice- Wu? (Nate's pick)
19. LA Drugs- High School (Nate's pick)
20. Rose Tattoo- TV (Nate's Pick)
21. God Bullies- (I Am Invisible?) (Nate's Pick)
22. Billy Writgh- Do Something (Nate's Pick)
23. Blind Willie MCTell- A-Z Blues (Nate's Pick)
24. Elmore James- Sun is Shining (Nate's Pick)
25. Armand Schaubroeck- I Love Me More Than You (Nate's Pick)
26. The Cows- ??? (Nate's Pick)
27. Von LMO- Cosmic Interception
28. Ennio Morricone- Ninna Nanna per Adulti

a little messy after this, as we were trying to help the next guy get his set started, but you might've heard bits of "Hi There" by Killdozer, and "Tribulations", by Kommunity FK.

Friday, August 21, 2009

btw dudes, I know ya'll think 10 bucks is too much to pay for stuff that people put years of their lives and thousands of dollars into, but Itunes has the Helios Creed "X-Rated Fairy Tales/Superior Catholic Finger" twofer for $9.99 US.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday, August 20th

Chrome Cranks- Eight Track Mind
Jimmy Castor Bunch- Troglodyte (Cave Man)
The Chickenhawks- Darksider
Peter Grudzien- Lost World
The Prats- Nothing
Cheater Slicks- ???
Boys Next Door- Big Future
Plastic People of the Universe- Toxika
The Mummies- Test Drive
Aluminum Knot Eye- ?????????????????????????????
Karate Party- Master of the Don
Todd Tamanend Clark- Brain and Spinal Column (Including Animism)
Pussy Galore- Loving Cup
Red Transistor- Not Bite
The Saints- Night in Venice
TV Ghost- The Amputee
The Fall- Carry Bag Man
Moondog- Street Scene
The Heads- Swamps of Chutney Morgan
Sonny and Linda Sharrock- Miss Dorris
Alvarius B- Gloomy June
Betty Davis- Anti Love Song
Glenn Branca- The Spectacular Commodity
Group Doueh- Eid El Arsh
Human Eye- Human Eye
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble- Toi Hibiki
The Jean Paul Sartre Experience- Flex
The Gun Club- Ghost on the Highway

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

show one

was a bust, but we played at least half an hour of music - all great stuff.

1. Moondog - Tap Dance
2. Yellow Sunshine - Yellow Sunshine (album is also called, yep, Yellow Sunshine)
3. Soggy - Waiting for the War
4. Los Llamarada - Better Stand Up
5. The Lost Souls - This Life of Mine
6. The Scientists - Swampland
7. Nikki Sudden - Hurt Me More
8. Motards - I'm a Criminal
9. Sarolta Zalatnay - Itt A Nyar
10. The Savoys - Can it Be
11. Sun City Girls - Radar Love
12. Chrome - March of the Chrome Police
13. Hawkwind - Lord of Light

Tuesday, August 11, 2009