Sunday, February 24, 2013


Tuxedomoon- Incubus (Blue Suit)
Marnie Stern- Transformer
The Passage- Devils and Angels
No Joy- Hawaii
Temptations- Ball of Confusion
Lumerians- Burning Mirrors
Aqua Nebula Oscillator- Turn On
The Shrine- Zipper Tripper
Lydia Lunch and Rowland S. Howard- Solar Hex
Come- In/Out
Tia Carrera- Slave Cylinder

Sunday, February 10, 2013


The Tear Garden- In Search of My Rose
Beak>- Yatton
Spectrum- True Love Will Find You in the End
Art Fact- Whom are you Dancing For?
Bam Bam- !Depocalipsis Joderowski!
Xaxaxa- čovekot Kogo Racin Go Opejuva
Bernays Propaganda- Buldozer
Dark Times- Distrust
Rosenkpof- Troth
Okkultokrati- Let the Sun Receive Her King
Killing Joke- Psyche
Nitad- Vem Ska Lita På?
Image in Ruin- Tank
Soft Drinks- Pepsi Cola
Flying Beachcraft- Frog Gril
Matmos- Germs Burn for Darby Crash


The Metronomes- Bad Timing
Mushy- Child of Light Will Burn
Moderne- Indicatif
Whore Paint- Amen
Janitor of Lunacy- On the Dance Floor
John Foxx- Walk Away
Ponytail- Start a Corporation
Tropic of Cancer- Be Brave
Molly Nilsson- The Diamond Song
Tyrades- Let Down
Claudine- Longet- Hey, that's no way to say goodbye.
Paris Sisters- Too Good to Be True
Jessica Bailiff- Take Me to the Sun
Lids- Get Lost
Margo Guryan- Sunday Morning
The Lucy Show- Prove It