Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct. 29th

Halloween show

1. Goblin- "Profondo Rosso"
2. Gnaw Their Tongues- "My body is not a temple, nor a vessel. It's a repulsive pile of sickness."
3. Alien Sex Fiend- "Now I'm Feeling Zombified"
4. NNCK- "Dark Equus"
5. Lydia Lunch- "Spooky"
6. Mercyful Fate- "At the Toll of the Demon Bell"
7. Virgin Prunes- "Pagan Love Song"
8. Charlie Gocher and the somethings- "Shine on Harvest Moon"
9. The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud- untitled
10. Minimal Man- "She Was a Visitor"
11. Vaselines- "Lovecraft"
12. Throbbing Gristle- "Hamburger Lady"
13. 45 Grave- "Party Time"
14. Ramones- "You're Gonna Kill that Girl"

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